Our magnetic liner is a hypo-allergenic alternative to an eyelash adhesive that contains nourishing properties like Vitamin E.


Say goodbye to eyelash glues and say hello to a one step process to lash and liner perfection! Contains castor oil and lasts up to 70 uses.


Easy and Convenient

"I love this kit because you don’t have to buy everything individually. It comes all together!
The lash glue holds well and the applicator gives a strong hold for the lashes.
I highly recommend!!"


Love Tyche!!!

"Just beautiful!! I discovered this brand browsing Instagram and the packaging caught my eye but boy! They really are underrated 🔥🔥 All of the lashes are bomb but I love Tyche and wish they would restock Princess lol kudos Amira Lashes!! 💗"


"Received these through IPSY and since I couldn't leave a review I wanted to check out the brand and just say that they're perfect! I was worried they'd be a bit heavy on my eyes but then I remembered its faux mink lol. They're very comfy 🥰🥰🥰"



"In looove these are the prettiest lashes on this site. They're all beautiful but I love Regal"


Great eyeliner and lash glue

"If you apply The lashes immediately after applying the liner it definitely clings to it like a magnet! I love that about it 🥰"


Full and Natural

This is the best lashes I’ve tried from this site! I love the fullness and naturalness of regal. 5 stars


Perfect 😊

"Bought for my client for a wedding and I can tell you it looks amazing! I was nervous it would be too dramatic but it was perfect"



These lashes are amazing! I love how thick these lashes are and not heavy on the eyes either.


Magic in a wand

Seriously I receive today and I love it.

"True to descriptions I don't have to wait for the glue to get sticky, i can just apply right aafter using the liner! A++++"



"The best lashes for everyday wear tbh! So chic and look just like I got a fresh set lol I had to keep telling my husband no they're just strips!"


"Coquette is really true to the description. They are versatile, and are great for both a daytime AND nighttime look. If I’m ever indecisive, I reach for these as my go-to and they never let me down!"


Love this!

"Love the new magnetic lashes set I got Astra and two Celeste a mixture of light and bold styles! I want these to replace my non magnetic i just have to get the hang of it."