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About Us


Amira Lashes was curated by Alyssa Amira, a makeup and beauty enthusiast. She always had entrepreneurial skills and decided to take them to the next level by creating a lash line. Surely, this wasn't an overnight process. Through substantial market research and discovering the high demand for cruelty free mink lashes, Amira Lashes came to light. 


The decision behind 'Amira' came from it's arabic meaning, Princess. We wanted Amira Lashes to carry a princess theme, and named each lash accordingly. Amira Lashes is well versed in both quality and aesthetics. We've worked diligently with our manufactures in Indonesia to fulfill and exceed your highest expectations. We can assure you that no minks were harmed while creating our lashes. These hairs are collected by simply brushing the animals and gathering fallen hair. Our five signature 3D mink lashes vary from light to full and are handcrafted with soft cotton bands that sit comfortably atop your natural lashes. As a new lash company, we wanted to cater to all lash lovers. Mink lashes are usually thick and full in dimension, and we couldn't leave our everyday lash wearers out. We carry lash styles for every one!


It is our mission to keep our customers happy, glamorous and laced with the most fabulous lashes! As we continue to expand, we plan to uphold these same standards. Greatness takes time and we aspire to deliver the greatest mink lashes while developing long term relationships with you all.

Thanks for choosing us!